Many people have experienced things which cannot be explained. They may feel the cause is ghosts....perhaps it is. What is a ghost? No one really knows. All we do know is that things happen without a plausible explanation.

I work from a neutral or "agnostic" standpoint with no prejudices in terms of belief or disbelief in these reported events and when I do investigate, it is from a strictly "nuts-and-bolts" view to what's been experienced and why.

This blog is a portal for those who want to share, talk or learn about their experiences with the unknown. Your anonymity is sacred and no judgment will be passed on you. By talking about your experiences you may find it helps. Educating yourself is a great way to lessen your fear....or pursue your interest.

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Taking Back Your Home

A Little Communication Can Go a Long Way

So, there’s something in your house causing all sorts of unexplainable things? Bumps in the night, things getting moved from where you left them, cold spots, shadows out of the corner of your eye. All sorts of little things can set us off and start us on the path to panic fear. They may be rational, they may not be….but fear seldom is. Cases of strange goings on in homes are many and varied. They are common, so you’re probably not going crazy. Many of us were brought up to not believe in things like ghosts but the fact remains, something is going on out there causing people to experience phenomenon. Whether ghosts are real or not is irrelevant, the problem is still real no matter what the cause. Ghosts invariably get blamed, and maybe it is ghosts but no one knows for sure. However, our fear is real and we can find ways to manage it.

You’re scared, you can’t explain it, and you don’t know what to do. First of all don’t be ashamed of your fear, it happens to most of us at some point or another. Second of all, if possible talk to someone you trust about what’s going on in your home. You may be surprised to find out something similar happened to them too. Talking about it and learning as much about it as possible can go a long way to routing the fear.

You may feel like your being bullied in your own home, and like a bully they need to be stood up to. So stand up to them. Tell them to leave, tell them this is your place not theirs. This sounds easy but is very difficult for most people to work up to. There’s no hurry though. If you like, keep a diary and write down what and when things happen. You may notice a pattern emerge. Once again, by educating yourself the fear can lessen, maybe enough for you to confront the presence.

Now you feel ready to approach the haunt. Probably the best time to do this is at a time when you notice their presence as they’re doing whatever it is they do. It may help you to alter the environment to give you more confidence. Turn on the lights, stand in the middle of the room, whatever makes you feel more confident and grounded. A good thing to keep in mind all the while is that this is your home. You are in charge and are the one making the rules. Speak loudly and confidently. Be firm, but polite at the same time, there’s no need to be rude. Perhaps the haunt doesn’t even know they’re being a nuisance. Perhaps it doesn’t know it’s dead…..there’s no telling but professionalism never hurt. Tell the room at large that you have noticed it’s presence but that it makes you feel uncomfortable and you would like them to stop please. Many people who let the haunt know they noticed it found that the activity lessened or even stopped. If you really don’t want this haunt to be in the house tell them firmly to leave. Above all make it clear that this is your house and that you are in charge. It may take a few nights of this to calm things down but for many people it has brought peace back into their homes, removing a sort of black shadow from the house which prevented the hominess from coming through.

Why does this work? No one knows for sure and there may be situations where it doesn’t but it is a great place to start. We’ve all been in houses that we feel, for no logical reason, uncomfortable in. Perhaps something dark happened there years before that is still clinging on….not a sentient presence but a mood or bad memory. No one knows the full abilities of the brain to perceive it’s surroundings . Perhaps it’s even your own fear because you live in a big house that tends a little too heavily to the gothic motif. Either way it’s seeping its way into your home and disrupting your sanctuary.

Some people prefer getting a priest to come to their home to do a clearing, or having a member of their own culture help remove the presence but there are many out there who are not religious. Having a priest come to your house and performing a cleansing may not do anything for you if you don’t “believe” in what he/she is doing. If you are religious then maybe this is the best route for you. That is the key to all of this, belief in that what you are doing is working. Psyching yourself out….sounds bad but that may be all there is to it, and so what? The results are the same and you’ll feel better about yourself, no one gets harmed and maybe you even helped some scared lost spirit find their way on to a better place.

You’re in a sense creating your own ritual, the movements and words with which you can feel confident thus projecting that confidence into your space and taking a deeper ownership of your home…not just on the physical level but on the mental and spiritual level as well.

Jason Pettit

April, 2011