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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ghost Incubation Period? Or, pop culture silly buggers.

...turn ghost every century as needed
First off I want to apologize for being remiss in my blogging efforts. I’m sure the legions of fans I have (hi mom) are anticipating my return as much as they were Axl Rose and Chinese Democracy. But I won’t make excuses, because excuses don’t fly on the internet anyway.

Since death is the inevitable thing we think of as the opposite of life, perhaps it stands to reason that it should also mirror life in other ways. In life we are born and then are imbued with a seemingly endless supply of youthful energy which we use to put foreign objects in our mouth, torture the cat and commit random acts of petty crime. Gradually we get older, lose our vitality (and various body parts) and eventually wither up and die. Who’s happy now? Happy morning from the reality police! But wait! It could get better!

Once you die you may have the opportunity to turn into a ghost! How cool is that! But in death, as I just theorized, rules are reversed. You start out death as a lame specter barely capable of conjuring yourself into a shadow, let alone turning on the bathroom faucet. Years pass and your technique and power improve until finally, some years or centuries later, you can do a full on glowing presence thing, make noises and maybe even speak or move things around!

Why do I say all of this? Well, logically, that is if you look at the common conception of ghosts by the masses, this is how it must be. Most people believe that ghosts wear Victorian costumes or pioneer dress because, well, they’re dead! And to be dead you have to be old, right? You need to be long dead to properly ferment all of that ghostly prowess.

I just want to point out people’s fascination with history in terms of hauntings. Here’s a question. Imagine a haunted house…what does the house look like? Most of you probably imagined something like the abandoned mansion in the opening credits of Scooby-Doo….the epitome of an old house forsaken of life and forced to take up a career in being creepy and weird, cause, hey, what else is an old abandoned house going to do anyway? Hell, just do a Google image search for “haunted house” and see what you get! (towers seem to factor in rather heavily here….and bats, lots of bats).

I’m going to go ahead here and blame Hollywood again…mostly because they have no imagination but mainly because they aren’t here to defend themselves. Horror movies, kids cartoons, novels, they all associate oldness and decay with ghosts and hauntings.

If we are right, and ghosts only haunt old places and wear period dress, then that means something is going on to eliminate the newly deceased. You know, the ones wearing Tommy Hilfiger or Dockers, and sporting frosted tips. Do they need to incubate for a hundred years or so to be powerful enough to enter our world? Personally I don’t think so.

Lots of reports include the newly deceased, in new houses….I’m not sure what they’re wearing, sorry. My article about Veridical Apparitions mentions documented cases of full on solid ghosts appearing miles away from where they just recently died! That seems powerful enough to me! However, many of these cases never get heard of because they don’t meet main stream criteria, or they think it’s entirely implausible cause everybody knows new condos don’t have ghosts.

In conclusion I think we’re being bamboozled by preconceptions into believing something that isn’t necessarily true. This preconceived notion is troublesome in the ghost research community because it’s misleading, and creates pseudo ghost hunting groups who glom onto abandoned or old buildings as perfect research locations, and then go and trespass and fall through rotting floors in said buildings. A perfect, but tragic, example here…

They humiliate themselves by making all non-believers chuckle in their cardigans, while saying “told you so”. Only thing is they're embarrassing the entire serious research community at the same time with their childish antics. Also, it is creating an incredibly inaccurate cross section in terms of research data.

Hollywood and main stream pop culture are fine. I don’t mean to poop on entertainment, people just need to be able to separate entertainment from reality and realize that things in real life can, and do break out of the mold.

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