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Friday, 17 June 2011

Survival of Consciousness

I’ve gone on a lot so far about how ghosts may be the product of our own mind so I thought I’d turn the table here and suppose ghosts are being generated by the deceased. That is, the survival of consciousness. I’ll probably still go on though in a rambling way. The problem with all this researching the unknown is that one idea invariably leads to another, and before you know it you have a web of correlating hypotheses spun by a dyslexic spider after a rave. So I apologize in advance for any rabid spittle I may get on your monitor.

The survival of consciousness deserves a more detailed prodding with a pointy stick than I am about to give it. I will try to use this post as a launching point for exploring the individual branches of the hypothesis…the questions brought up herein acting as the sub topics. As always feel free to share any other ideas you feel are relevant. Or just plain cool.

I sometimes think that we, the living, are not required for a ghost to be present. So if we ask…“if a ghost falls in a forest and there’s nobody there to see it….does it still appear?” In this case, yes it would, because they would require no outside influence to bring them into being. But I think we could also suppose that our minds are required to perceive or even “bring” a ghost, but that the ghost is still a surviving consciousness….sorta needing two parts to create the whole. So there could conceivably be more than one kind of manifestation. Either way you look at it, if a ghost is a surviving consciousness, and is able to be here in the physical world, it would imply a sustaining energy source. What kind of energy?

The heart is a muscle driven by low levels of electrical current and can be monitored and measured with an ECG/EKG, or electrocardiogram, device. In the brain we produce Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. Could a ghost harness this “living” energy into a form useful for manifestation? Or do they draw from an independent energy which they had in their living selves and survives death, held together by some strange force sometimes visible (or audible) to the living? If this is the case then it is an undetectable kind of energy….or at least one we can’t detect yet. EMF detectors are reliant on this theory for survival, but in their case they state the energy being emitted is Electro Magnetic. Unfortunately EMF fields are everywhere so it may be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Leaving the energy conundrum behind, I want to touch on another recurring theme which is puzzling me. If a ghost is a survival of consciousness then why are they usually attached to one place? Why can they not move around more freely? It does seem to me that a great many ghost reports depict the ghost as only being found in one house, or even one room. It’s a little sad to think we should be anchored in death to such a small space. But maybe perspective changes when you die.

Often too, when a family has experienced the ghost of a loved one, they cease to see them when they move to a new house. There must be something to that one physical location.
Yet I find it hard to believe that a ghost, having once been alive, could be more attached to a house than a loved one. Logically then, (if logic is relevant in these things) the ghost does not have a choice in all of this. They need whatever it is in that room to survive, (dead surviving? A bit oxymoronic I know). Personally I cannot come up with any reasons why a structure would be necessary for a ghost to be there but it seems to happen. Maybe it’s the ground under the home which must be specific to be able to support a ghost….something that isn’t found everywhere and so the ghost is bound to places of that nature. When a family moves from the house where their loved one haunted, to a new home where these conditions are not met, the ghost would then get left behind. More on this at another time I think.

There are reports out there though which are more uplifting, of a portable kind of ghost. In these reports the living feel they have a guardian, most often in the form of a deceased loved one….a grandfather or mother who still looks out for you, comforts you and even sometimes warns you of impending danger. The guardian seems to follow an individual wherever they go. So it’s not all doom and gloom and having to go to the dark attic to be comforted by old granddad.

Comparing witness reports, I’ve noticed one large difference in how the stationary ghost and the portable ghost make their presence known. The stationary ghost communicates more bluntly by physical manifestation, moving things about or making noises. Whereas the perceived guardian spirit, or portable ghost, is more subtle…calming the mind with feelings and emotions rather than manipulations in the physical world. Whether these two types are cut from the same cloth is up for debate. They could both be a form of survival of consciousness.

So in summary we have created these points….

1)     The living are not necessary for ghosts to exist, vs. the living are necessary for ghost to exist.
2)     Do ghost require an energy source? And if so what is the source?….internal or external?
3)     Why are some ghosts seemingly anchored to one physical location? (stationary ghosts)
4)     Why do some ghosts (or guardians) seem to move with an individual? (portable ghosts)
5)     Are communication differences between stationary and portable ghosts a result of their personality while alive? Or the personality of the perceiver?

It think this all may go to show that there could definitely be more than one way to survive death. You know what they say…variety is the spice of life. Perhaps it is the spice of death too.

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