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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Great Balls of…..Dust? Or, why orb photos are deader than disco.

Orbs have been a hot topic on the web as proof ghosts exist….notice I used the word “been”…to point out it’s past tenseness. Most everyone is over the craze that swept the masses but some still cling on to the thoroughly debunked myth. The reason I’m bringing the topic up is that some of those sites purporting orbs = ghosts, are from this local area, (Quinte)….sigh…I don’t mean to be rude, and I’m sure they’re doing it without ill intent but promoting orb photos isn’t doing anyone any favours. If you look at digital photos these day orbs turn up in a lot of them, and the reasons are varied but are purely environmental. Dust, moisture, condensation, smoke, wedding rice…you get the idea. The big reason they are showing up is because modern cameras have evolved so that the flash is very close to the lens, thus illuminating tiny objects right in front of the lens.

I can’t slay orb mythos as well as some, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so I’ll fit in a link to an article, (cause that’s what god invented links for) from the PSICAN website explaining the whole deal.

So, after reading this you may be asking yourself why anybody would still believe orb photos are ghostly? I have a few theories. Firstly, they haven’t heard about the debunking yet. This, you may think, acquits them of the crime of spreading misinformation but on the other hand it is irresponsible of them not to do their research into the phenomenon. Like my last post, these are another kind of enthusiast which de rail the folks researching causation. Well, it seems that a simple way to fix this is to just go and tell them all those scientific facts which effectively will cause the redundancy of most of their website …ya…been there, tried that….talked to the hand. I guess they don’t want to admit their mistakes, we all get that feeling sometimes but in the field of science you HAVE to be able to admit you’re wrong sometimes, fix the problem and move on…Pride is a very large barrier to finding answers.

Research, I admit, can be pretty boring at times. Reading articles and journals about photography and lab tests isn’t the most stimulating way to spend a bank holiday. But if your going to put your love spuds on the line you should back everything up so you don’t look like an amateur entertainer. These sites didn’t do that, and unfortunately the average person surfing the web looking for information on ghosts is likely to believe what they are seeing, and so the misinformation spreads.

Secondly, some are die hard believers and can’t be swayed. One of the most immediate responses you will get from the orb folks when you confront them is that you are a sceptic, (many faceted word…won’t get into the meaning here). I’m sorry, when did I say I didn’t believe in phenomenon? I just don’t choose to believe in phenomenon that is not valid! I want to see a great ghost photo. I want to see good evidence of ghostly activity! But I’m not going to AUTOMATICALLY believe you just because you say so. And we now know that orb photos aren’t it. Lets be realistic here, you can’t go around fabricating evidence to support your great desire to have seen a ghost. In the end though it’s like arguing with a right wing Christian that perhaps the story of Adam and Eve is allegorical.

Bottom line. Don’t believe everything you read or see. And that includes what I write here…don’t take my word for it, go out there to other websites explaining natural causations for orbs, see what they say, jury your opinion. Listen, question and learn.

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