Many people have experienced things which cannot be explained. They may feel the cause is ghosts....perhaps it is. What is a ghost? No one really knows. All we do know is that things happen without a plausible explanation.

I work from a neutral or "agnostic" standpoint with no prejudices in terms of belief or disbelief in these reported events and when I do investigate, it is from a strictly "nuts-and-bolts" view to what's been experienced and why.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Ghostly Premonitions and the Sixth Sense

Ever get a feeling that something was wrong with a loved one even though they weren’t with you at the time? I think we all have to some degree, (your mom for instance, calling you to ask if you’re o.k. right before you do something she would disapprove of). But how about when it goes a little farther and you see the loved one, as if they are in the room with you. You would be startled when they suddenly vanished and even more so when you receive a phone call 10 minutes later telling you they passed on.

As fantastical as this may seem to some, it has been a reality to others. The idea of death premonitions is certainly not a new one in our culture. Irish Mythology is replete with stories of the Bean Si, or Banshee, a female spirit of a fairy mound said to appear to a family when they are about to experience a death and wail mournfully. Even today reports of people experiencing a vision of a loved one about to die are quite numerous.

The SPR (Society for Psychical Research, link to website on sidebar) has a name for these types of phenomenon, Veridical Hallucinations. Here is their brief explanation of the term.

These are cases in which a person, not dreaming, ill, insane or under the influence of drugs, sees a figure which could not be that of a real person or hears a voice when it is certain that no-one spoke. It is highly likely that most such experiences are hallucinatory. However, some of these hallucinations may be called 'veridical' in that they exhibit correspondences, not easy to explain, with external events, or with the experiences of other percipients.

A little heavy on the lingo but what they’re basically trying to get across is that although what these people are describing fall easily into the category of a normal hallucination, the Veridical ones correspond to the real world by appearing just before a tragic event…..this is where the vehicle of scientific logic gets rerouted into a sturdy block wall. And now we find ourselves in the realm of the unknown groping in the dark for answers until someone can find whatever drawer it was they put the matches in.

I find in cases such as these it helps to assume for awhile that the unknown phenomenon is actually a known phenomenon, enabling us to look at it from a logical or scientific point of view and kind of go through the process of analysis. So, imagine if you will that people do get veridical hallucinations, and it is normal….so how then, using our logic chip, does it happen?

I’m afraid that logicking this topic funnels it back to the brain (damn attention whore!). If the vision is real then it must be a hologram of sorts, and not a hallucination. Therefore I would think it needs something to project it, probably a brain eye collaboration. This then implies that the brain is producing a physical change to the outside world. Pretty heavy stuff indeed! But it gets more amazing! To be able to produce this hologram we would have needed to receive the information beforehand. Now we’re getting into the realm of telepathy. Somehow our mind is picking up on some sort of impulse from the loved one being transmitted through brain waves, or even some sort of collective consciousness. I like to liken the collective consciousness to an old telephone switchboard. Having brought up the operator you tell them the number you want then they plug in a few wires to the appropriate place and you’re connected. Of course only certain people would receive the message, otherwise we’d all be wandering around in a constant state of telepathic reception and we’d never be able to sort out what was real and what was a hologram.

Perhaps the thing that gives the collective consciousness the correct phone number if you will, is the senders emotions. Upon a persons death bed, or even after, what would be a likely thing to be on their mind? Loved ones…..or at least I suspect so, although, having never been dead I’m not sure. And that’s one theory I’m willing to put off finding the answer to.

One could interpret this as a survival trait of sorts…a call for help maybe, or a warning. This would then make it a subset of the sixth sense. That thing we hear so much about in science fiction and a damn interesting movie subject. A lot of people poo poo the existence of a sixth sense but I think it has some merits considering how little we know about the human brain and how much we experience we can’t explain.

Bringing this back onto the topic of ghosts (I heard that’s what this blog is supposed to be about), I think it is yet another possibility about the origins of ghosts. That’s not to say there isn’t more than one explanation to ghosts. Even if ghosts are all in our head it doesn’t mean what we experience is any less profound. The idea that the human brain may be able to send signals of this nature out to those most important to the individual is an awesome concept. Further understanding of psychical abilities could uncover all sorts of unknown tools and functions we didn’t know we had, and answer a lot of questions…..let’s just hope we’re meant to know the answers.


  1. I believe we all have psychic powers, part of a set of genetic memories that allowed us to live when life was more dangerous. We all have the "little voice" that talks to us. Whether we choose to listen is free will.

  2. I have often wondered the same thing myself. Animals have instincts and as animals we must have our own as well....but they are hard to tap into for us.

  3. This is too simplistic. It's like saying that we are all great singers, we just need to start singing...

  4. Awesome things can be simple as well. I think we all have these capabilities...the interesting part is figuring out why it should vary between individuals. Some people experience stuff and others don't. Belief, or lack thereof may partially explain this difference.

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