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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dragging the Word "Ghost" Through the Mud

With the staggering amount of TV. shows out there depicting the paranormal it’s amazing people don’t know more about the topic. Unfortunately what these programs can do is make you think you know about the paranormal when in fact they’re kind of making it up as they go along……what is their prime mandate? Entertainment. Realistically this avenue of media is most peoples only outlet to understanding ghostly happenings and it can be sad as some people really have experienced something and they want help. Perhaps what they experienced has a normal or mundane explanation but what these shows do is force down your throat that every little creak and bump in a home is indeed a ghost! They will go on to prove their point… front of an audience who can’t argue back and who, for the most part, moderate their websites comments section to spin the public support in their favour….sigh….it makes my heart bleed for true.

One thing that seems to pull people in is the gadgetry they carry around with them…..EMF (electromagnetic fields) detectors, night vision, machines that go ping. My problem, and indeed many other’s in this field, is that, a) there is no conclusive evidence (not even close) that EMF detectors are picking up on the energy fields emitted by ghosts. And, b) they look a hell of a lot like those detectors in ghost busters don’t they? Gets me wondering anyway. Lets look at the facts, what do EMF detectors do? They pick up on electromagnetic fields. Sooo, in the average household in North America how many things are there which are electrical? Scads…..the whole house is wrapped in a coil of electrical wiring and appliances, (many of which turn on and off on their own at various times, like a refrigerator). This little tidbit of logic is certainly not enough to deter the Ghost hunters from leaping about waving their Radio Shack bling and declaring there’s a ghost in the room!

My personal standpoint is this….although EMF detectors MAY be able to pick up on unknown energy, until someone proves that said energy is from a ghost then I think it is a little pre-mature to state that they are in the presence of a ghost. This would also FIRST necessitate that we have the knowledge of what a ghost really is….deceased person, hallucination, psychic imprint, or some other natural phenomenon yet to be discovered by science. This article isn’t about EMF detectors, they merely serve as an example of what these TV. shows do to hurt science and lead everyone’s conceptions astray from some potentially really good information.

I guess the problem is that without jumping to conclusions these TV shows would be pretty boring….really, under the surface the topic of the paranormal is moot….any topic of public curiosity will do as long as it is entertaining, ghosts just happen to be exciting.

My main point here is that shows of this ilk do nothing for us who are seriously looking into the causation of ghostly sightings…in fact it pulls us backward like a small rabbit being sucked into a black hole! But as Obi wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker…”control your anger” therefore, I will refrain from pouring sugar in the TV. execs car gas tanks.

The other victim to all this sensationalism is the many people who actually have had an experience and are genuinely looking for answers to what they have seen. Many times these folks don’t need to be told that what they saw was a ghost, they just want to know what it REALLY was….even if the answer is noisy heating ducts. These people are sometimes scared, both of the phenomenon and public labeling, (woohoo, nutcase, etc). And really it’s no wonder these people get labeled when they come forward when you see what reference material the public have to go by. Some people who watch these shows get a different opinion of folks in the ghost field….they think they are idiots and they don’t believe them….and for the most part they are right, and good for them for questioning their findings. What they don’t consider is that not ALL people in the field of ghost research are like this. In fact the only real similarity serious researchers and investigators have with the television personalities is that we both use the word ghost. Problem is their interpretation of the word ghost is set in stone….they know what causes them and how to find them….I guess that makes us stupid because we don’t know what a ghost really is…we’re all caught up with actually working towards a real scientific explanation done with scrutiny and objectivity! I know! Lets all jump to some conclusions!….1,2 skip a few 99…100! And boda bing! We have the answer, right? WRONG! There are no answers as of yet, only hypotheses.

Speaking of detractors there are another set of sensationalists that irk the researchers….the break in artists…The punks who go around to reportedly haunted places and break in to do a report. By breaking the law, all of their efforts are immediately null and void. How can anyone put information gathered illegally into a serious scientific report! Admittedly science is probably the furthest thing from their minds but even if they did actually gather some good evidence it would be for not. When these yahoos get caught…and they do quite often, it hits the news and everybody hears about some bored ninny’s who decided to go and look for ghosts….there’s that word again! Ghosts! And it starts all over again, we get lumped in with these people just because of one word, and the pursuit for real answers looks a fool.

As a scientific study the paranormal is relatively new on the scene. And when you look at other scientific breakthroughs, (the world is round, germs) they all went through the bad publicity phase, and so maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad. When I tell most people that my main interest is investigating and researching the paranormal they tend to look at me a bit sideways, and invariably I need to explain that it is indeed a very real topic of scientific research. Sure, it’s fringe now but if we don’t lay the ground work for future research then the causation will never be known…and wouldn’t that suck?


  1. Great article, very well articulated! I appreciate the time and the thought you've put into this and it speaks volumes!

    "I know! Lets all jump to some conclusions!….1,2 skip a few 99…100! And boda bing! We have the answer, right? WRONG! There are no answers as of yet, only hypotheses."

    Awesome point, "group think" has really put a damper on objective and neutral analysis of the paranormal. One has to ask themselves, "If so and so has all the answers, then what is it their looking for?" Their intentions start to appear seem a lot more focused on extrinsic reward!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Infamous.

    I believe pride is a major influence for many groups out there. Like you said....if they claim to have the answers why are they still doing (bad) investigations? Peel away the layers and you'll probably find an ego in need of stroking.